10 Reasons To Purchase Wild & Worthy Hair & Wigs

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Wild & Worthy Hair:

COLORFUL - Have you ever wondered if blondes really do have more fun? Curious to go red brown? Bold enough to try an ash blonde? Wild & Worthy hair extensions and wigs can be matched for the most colorful personality!

CONFIDENCE - Whether you’re recovering from alopecia, chemo, or stress and dealing with hair loss or need that certain kind of flirty flare that only comes from a fresh new ‘do, our W&W hair extensions are your go to!

EMPOWERING - At Wild & Worthy, we believe every woman is born with a glory and beauty nobody can take away from her. A woman’s hair is an extension of this truth and can empower her to claim her wild and live her worth!

LONGEVITY - Because Wild & Worthy hair extensions are made with the highest quality virgin hair, with the proper care, our hair can last up to more than a year with multiple installations and/or uses. And slapping on a unit made with our hair, as your every other week go-to style can last you for years!

MANAGEABILITY - Let’s face it. A woman’s natural mane can be difficult to tame. Hair extensions with a looser texture of hair can be easier to comb through and maintain than your natural curl pattern. Wild & Worthy offers our high quality 100% virgin Brazilian hair that promises minimal shedding and no tangling!

PROTECTION - Protect your hair from the damage of being overly processed. If you’re constantly twisting and braiding, bleaching and coloring your natural hair, hair extensions can give it a healthy break! Put down the flat iron and let your hair recover from heat damage! (Plus, it saves time from your styling routine!)

QUALITY - We’ve done our research. We’ve traveled the world testing numerous types of hair extensions. We’ve discovered the best of the best so you don’t have to deal with the mess of the worst! Choosing to clip-in, or getting a sew-in hairstyle with our high quality Wild & Worthy hair extensions is your best option guaranteed. Our hair is remy (meaning the cuticle lays in one direction). It’s 100% Brazilian Virgin Hair, complete with minimal shedding and no tangling, and easy to color and style!

TRANSITION - Regretting that haircut and can’t wait to grow your hair back out? A cute wig or hair extensions are your immediate way to avoid the awkward transition length. 

VERSATILITY - Possibilities are endless when it comes to hair styles! When Monday has you feeling fearless and fierce, and only a sleek look will do but Friday you’re feeling flirty and feminine and want that extra length, only our hair extensions will do! 

VOLUME - Give your natural hair a little weave of confidence by instantly controlling its volume by adding hair extensions to increase you hair’s fullness!

Be the bold woman you are, and click here to upgrade your look!